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Do you know your dreams consist of all you’ve ever heard, seen or thought of?

Do you even know that every face or anything you see in your dream is a face or thing you’ve consciously or unconsciously encountered before?  …in short, everything you dream about once transpired.

The moment I realised the above truth I knew my validation of self was all I needed to be all I ever wanted to be, so I started…

Dream Big;

Because I cannot control what I lay my sights on, I rather became selective with what I let my sights dwell on; 

I daily renewed my thoughts, stirred my thoughts towards positivity and kept a distance from everything limiting;

Aligned myself with those who’s trails and triumphs challenged my can’t do’s or comfort zones.

If your dreams do not challenge you, you’re either not paying attention to the right things, you’re sights are focused on the wrong things or you’re thinking the wrong thoughts. 

Improve your perception of reality

Improve your perception of self that you may dream the right dreams.

Dreams are meant for the taking

Dreams are just a grasp away

If you can dream it, you can achieve it

You just need to find a way to own it.

Akuchi Oriaku

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Dec 31 '16
This is absolutely true.
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