Benchmarks set at the start of a relationship set the tone for a less rocky relationship.

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Benchmarks set at the start of a relationship set the tone for a less rocky relationship.

Even before going on a date every lady and indeed man should have reasonable standards and expectations. These standards form a benchmark of lines that can’t be crossed, values that must be held unto and believes that can’t be compromised. In so saying these standards must be communicated expressly and impliedly to any potential date. Having values – good or bad help set a relationship on a less rocky cause.

  The checkpoints put at the beginning of every adventure sets the tone for a desired ending, not to say everything in life can be over planned, but chances of disaster can be mitigated if the beginning is well thought out. We all have the most power at the start of a relationship, our bargains chips are most likely to work in our favour at this point hence you dictates how you want to be treated long term by the things you allow or dis-allow early in a relationship. .

  You can’t change a man/woman, so stop trying to. If at the start of a relationship you discover a character trait you know you can’t live long term with that is a cue he/she may not be the one for you. .

  When you’re going to live with someone for the rest of your life (that’s what marriage is about, right?) don’t take things for granted, you can’t decide to manage what you consider a major character flaw just to be a Mrs somebody or Mr married man. At some point you won’t be able to manage, when the novelty of being married wears off how then will you cope? .

1. Don’t manage.
2. Don’t settle.
3. Don’t turn a blind eye .
4. Don’t start what you can’t finish.
5. Own your decisions.
6. Own your choices.
7. Own your mistakes.
8. Be choosy, it means you value yourself. .

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Akuchi Oriaku.

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