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Online Dating

Cyber dating whether we like it or not has become a norm and is here to stay. Gone are the days when most people put their noses up to condemn those brave enough to give themselves a chance. Those who find love online have been despicably called or considered desperate. I on the other hand consider them smart. 

Why smart some will ask? 

Well, for starters our lives have become technology or media driven, there are more people meeting friends online than there are those meeting offline. Even people who meet off line do most of their communicating and dating online maybe due to work or proximity constraints. 

The internet has become the go to place for all kinds information we require so why will any one not take advantage of the vast possibilities it can afford them, including finding a mate?

Going by recent studies, a good percentage of relationships that have actually lead to marriage in recent years have their foundations rooted via the Internet. Positioning yourself where you have the likelihood of mingling with people who not only share the same value as you but also want the same thing as you is a no brainer and a starting point to making yourself seen by people who are in the same circumstance as you. There’s no point joining a group  whose members are anti-marriage when what you are looking for is marriage. Whats the point pretending you don’t desire something, just so you don’t get called desperate. 

Social mediums such as Facebook have played the important role of bringing total strangers together, People on average spend almost more than half their awake time on the Internet, be it on their smart phones, tablets or computers. There’s no running away from it neither can we deny a lot of communications amongst family, friend’s, colleagues and acquaintances happen mostly online these days. That being the case any single mature man or woman who desires marriage and does not maximise the Internet to their advantage on their quest to find or be found  by  that special someone does himself or herself a great disservice in my opinion…but in finding make sure you’re casting your nest in the right place. Also make sure you’re thinking cap is firmly on at all times, for just as we daily encounter dangers in our day to day dealings outside cyberspace, dangers abound on cyber space as well…

Next week we shall talk about the do’s and don’t’s of online dating.

watch this space…

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