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Personally, I'd rather fix a marriage than break it. If it's salvageable why throw it away?
If both parties are willing to work at it. it will work. Marriages fail when both parties or one party stops trying. finally after all has been said and done, after all interventions have been tried and exhausted. The couple still decide to call it quits.

How sad for them!
How even sadder for the children!

So many years down the line, you the lady may think its time to move on - you think you're ready to trust again, love again, share again - what next?

I'm particularly talking to single mothers and divorced ladies.

Sometimes, God gives us a shot at another chance to re-learn and start over.

Everybody deserves happiness and when you find it please grab it.

I'm a firm believer in milking the joy out of life -  after all, you only live once.

Divorce is not desired neither does any sane person advance in marriage with the aim of exiting the union at a later date except of cause via death which we pray comes at a very late stage in life. Life sometimes happen and you may find yourself out in the cold, maybe as a result of wrong choices you or your spouse may have made.

As sad and as major as divorce is, it can actually happen to any married couple. So far as you can only truly vouch for yourself you cannot preemptively swear your other half may not walk out on you tomorrow.

Nobody plans an end date when tying the knot, everybody believes it's "till death do us part" but i reiterate, life sometimes happen.

We do not pray anybody's relationship ends in divorce but because we are realists, practical and know ship happens...if it does -

mourn the loss of your marriage
have a long spell of alone time
take time to evaluate your contribution to the dissolution of your marriage
take steps to equip yourself in such a way that if love finds you again, you'll make better choices and truly make it be "till death do us part".

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