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Apology is a big tool in the survival of any and every relationship. Not being able to apologise is a huge turn off for most and it has gone on to break many a happy union. The words may be small but the effects are huge therefore it doesn't hurt to use it as often as it is required because it has the cooling effect of staving away war no...

Benchmarks set at the start of a relationship set the...

admin | Dec 4 '16 | Tags: relationship
Even before going on a date every lady and indeed man should have reasonable standards and expectations. These standards form a benchmark of lines that can’t be crossed, values that must be held unto and believes that can’t be compromised. In so saying these standards must be communicated expressly and impliedly to any potential date. Having...

Introducing MutualHearts Blog

admin | Nov 27 '16 | Tags: dating, african dating, relationship
Welcome to MutualHearts first official blog post and thank you for stopping by, we appreciate your time and hope you find us interesting enough to keep coming back for more thought provoking reads and discussions centred mainly round mature dating. We promise to keep our blog postings as short and straight to the point as possible. A bit about...

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