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MutualHearts was founded in 2010 and has become the “go to place” for most mature singles looking to find suitable spouses who share same values as them. We are passionate about lasting marriages and hope to connect as many mature singles who have never been married, who have been widowed, divorced or are single parents and are looking for love and companionship within matrimony. We have a very traditional approach to dating/courtship and believe the sole purpose of dating/courtship is to be yoked with a compatible spouse; we therefore do not encourage lax or casual dating within our MutualHearts community. 

Our Members can automatically access our large database and the sites advanced communication features, to interact with other registered members. With our growing membership base, we are set to become the leader in the online/offline-dating scene.

We host fun events that capture the essence of our tenet, which simply is to create a breeding ground for mature singles to network in a healthy and acceptable manner. Undoubtedly without the opportunity to be around persons of the opposite gender, with common interest and values, chances of engaging in interactions that have the potential of leading to promising relationships can be challenging, especially in today’s world where everything have become especially fast paced.

We spur intentional positioning to enable prepared singles find each other. Lets face it, if you don’t get seen, chances are, you won’t get found.

…So take a bold step to finding your life partner.

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